Today’s Talk with a Big Announcement!

We’ve got quite the announcement this week: Nonprofit Hub is merging with DO MORE GOOD! Randy sat down with Bill McKendry, the founder, and Katie Appold, the executive director of DO MORE GOOD to talk about what this means going forward.

DO MORE GOOD was formed to help nonprofits move from good to great through their content, ideas, training, and access to world-class thought leadership. Nonprofit Hub provides nonprofits with the tools they need to succeed through educational content. It was a match made in heaven.

“When we work together, we can create a greater impact than each of us have had individually. By coming together, that impact should just grow exponentially,” said Bill McKendry.

There are also a few perks for you with this merger. For example, when you get a DO MORE GOOD membership, you’ll be able to attend Cause Camp for FREE. 

Check out the full video below to learn more about DO MORE GOOD with Bill and Katie!

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