The Start of a New Chapter

January marks the start of 2021. Since digital products rolled out last month, we have seen many organizations make wonderful use of this new feature. This month’s highlights include examples from organizations that use Wild Apricot and several new blogs such as Fundraising Trends: 7 Modern Strategies to Consider for 2021.


Also in this month’s newsletter:  

  • Update from the Support Team  

  • Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2021  

  • Blog of the Month: Fundraising Trends: 7 Modern Strategies to Consider for 2021 

  • PersoniFest Announcement 

  • Meet the Team: Chalini Vallepuram, Senior Support Consultant 


Product Update – Making the most of digital products  

Last month, we launched digital products where you can offer digital content for sale and instant delivery. Many organizations are already making great use of this new feature. Here are some examples: 


Virtual classes


The York Art Association‘s mission is to provide opportunities in South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland for individuals to expand their artistic skills or simply explore creativity through classes, workshops, lectures, exhibits or using publications in their library. With digital products, online art classes are now available on the association’s website. Have a look here.



The Society for Cultural Astronomy in the American Southwest, Inc. (SCAAS) promotes public understanding of the cultural significance of astronomical knowledge among cultures of the American Greater Southwest, past and present, by supporting research, education and its public dissemination. E-books are available on their online store as PDFs. Visit here to learn more.  


Webinars and recordings

The Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) is the national association for the translating and interpreting profession in Australia. You can find educational webinars with discounts for members in their online store. See here.  



NNPEN is the founding national voice of nurse practitioners in business and those who own practices or plan to. The organization believes NP-owned start-ups are the key to improving access to healthcare in the U.S. Visitors can purchase insightful recordings featuring experts in this field. Visit here.  



How to use this feature in Wild Apricot

In Wild Apricot, go to the Store menu, click the Products tab, and select Digital while adding the product. You can then specify your digital product set up and what format you want to use (I.e., a file or a link).  


To help you prepare and find inspiration for your inventory, have a look at this featured blog:  

5 digital products to help grow your organization’s revenue.




Update from the Support Team

This month, we are sharing answers to frequently asked support questions. 


What’s the difference between renewal overdue and lapsed?

The phrase renewal overdue simply means that the member’s renewal date is in the past. This is not a membership status, and depending on your renewal settings, the overdue member could still be an active member or might be a lapsed member.  


A lapsed member is one who has lost membership privileges because of unpaid membership fees. A member’s status may be set to automatically lapse if they have not renewed their membership within a certain period following their renewal date.  



A lapsed member is not allowed to view member-only pages, register using member-only registration types, complete polls, add comments to blog pages, or post or reply to forum topics. They do not receive automatic renewal notices, poll announcements, or appear in member directories.  


A lapsed member can restore their membership at any time by paying the outstanding renewal fee. 


When is the event registration confirmation email sent?

For free events, the registration confirmation email is sent the moment the contact or administrator completes the registration.  

For events with a registration fee, the sending of the confirmation email depends on whether the registration was completed by the contact or by an administrator. If the registration was completed by the contact, then the registration confirmation email is sent after the event registration fee is fully paid.  


If the registration was completed manually by an administrator, then the confirmation email is sent immediately after the administrator clicks the Confirm without invoice option, or after registration is paid if the administrator clicks the Generate invoice option. 



When does the event cancellation email go out?

The event cancellation email is sent immediately after registration is canceled by the registrant.  

An event registration will be automatically canceled and the cancellation email sent if all the following are true: 

  • the registration fee is not paid within 15 minutes  

  • the payment method for the event is set to Online only  

  • the Automatically cancel registration if payment not received within 15 minutes option is enabled.  



The event cancellation message is not automatically sent when a registration is canceled manually by an administrator. You can, however, click the Send notification button at the top of the screen after canceling the registration to send the cancellation notification. 





Here are 61 free webinars that the internet has to offer to help you:

  • Raise funds for your organization online  

  • Make the most of your nonprofit website  

  • Recruit and engage volunteers using social media  

  • Improve your organization’s budgeting process  


See what’s coming up



Blog of the Month – Fundraising Trends: 7 Modern Strategies to Consider for 2021 

The lessons of 2020 are influencing plans for 2021. From fundraising to operations, everything is changing, while the need to do good remains as crucial as ever. 


Read the full blog


Also, on the blog this month: 



PersoniFest Announcement 



We are excited that our family has grown by more than 3,000 new clients with the introduction of MemberClicks! 

As you can imagine, we’ve got some work to do to ensure our client experience and activities are inclusive and beneficial for all our clients across the portfolio. It is in that spirit, that we will forgo PersoniFest for 2021. We also hope that this change will provide an opportunity for us all to be together in-person again.  


We continue our commitment to providing thought leadership, webinars, product “how-to’s”, live Q+A’s and videos that help to support knowledge of our solutions and help you keep a pulse on the market.  


Stay safe, stay connected and thank you for helping make 2021 a fantastic year for your members and organization. 



Meet the Team – Chalini Vallepuram, Senior Support Consultant

Hi! My name is Chalini and I’m one of the Senior Support Consultants here at Wild Apricot. I have been here for over 5 years so you would have spoken to me or perhaps I had helped you address some of your questions. It has been a great journey working at Wild Apricot. When you are surrounded by great people, your work becomes a second home. Here at Wild Apricot, you meet people who helps you grow professionally and personally.   


I like to help others continue to be their amazing self by sharing my knowledge in any way I can. If you had worked with me, you would know I like to teach by taking screenshots, video recordings or provide a step-by-step handout. I had volunteered at a community center where I had understood that I have a passion to make someone’s life at ease, so I continue to pursue a career to be able to help others succeed.  


Besides work, I love to paint, take pictures and travel. I’ve done a backpacking trip across Europe that taught me many things. I’ve tried couchsurfing for the first time but I stayed mostly at hostels where I met other travellers. It was a great experience. The challenging and fun part of this whole experience was learning the public transit system. I was baffled and lost when I first landed in Paris! 



Organization Spotlight – The Moon Society

The Moon Society is a community composed of individuals, organizations, and companies committed to the permanent settlement of the Moon and building a thriving cislunar economy. The organization is especially interested in commercial lunar development projects and are actively working to foster a social and political environment where such projects can thrive and be successful. 


What makes their website awesome

You’ll see a lunar landscape when you first land on the organization’s website. The black background, contrasted with white text, gives the website a clean look that also stands out. What makes the website incredibly unique is the content: impressive initiatives to make moon settlement a reality.  


Website theme: Building Blocks Duotone


Visit the website

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