Book Review: ‘No More Duct Tape Fundraising’

If you set some intentions for the new year, I sincerely hope that includes reading new fundraising books. With that said, I’m offering my review of Rachel Ramjattan’s book, “No More Duct Tape Fundraising: The Nonprofit Leader’s Guide to Becoming an Inspirational Fundraiser.” I read the book in about an hour and in one sitting. What I especially liked about the book is how Ramjattan clearly explains the different parts of a fundraising plan and why they are important. She does so in very easy-to-follow words, sprinkled with many practical examples and stories.

I think this is a great book that every new fundraiser (no matter which channel you focus on or where you fall in the organization) should read this book. It doesn’t take long, and it’s fun to read.

I also think that every new board member should read this before uttering one single word or opinion about fundraising. If you’re struggling with your board (and yes, I can see you are rolling your eyes), make this a required read before your first board meeting. Ask if board members have questions about it. And if you’re struggling with an executive director who does not have fundraising experience, please also give this book to them.

In my experience, people often tend to focus and fret about the “hard” part of fundraising when you can make it so much easier on yourself by simplifying things. Donors love your cause. You just have to keep telling them how much you need your donors.

Ramjattan shares many great stories and examples of how you as a fundraiser/executive director/board member can do exactly that.

In just about an hour, with simple words and easy-to-understand chapters, you’ll learn the basics about fundraising, and you’re getting reacquainted with some parts of fundraising you may want to know more of.

Then, book in hand, you can quickly apply it to your situation and your organization.

If you follow the basics described in this book, you’ll not only become a better fundraiser, you also raise more money! If this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that fundraising is an essential job. Fundraising is an essential process, and donors will show up and continue to show up because of it.

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