Social Solutions Drives Significant Impact by Helping Local Austin Nonprofit Organizations Pursue their Missions in 2020 and into the New Year

Technology and Data Insights Empower NPOs in Unprecedented Times to Better Serve People in their Communities

AUSTIN, TX – January 5, 2021Social Solutions Global, the leading provider of digital transformation for health and human services to accelerate change in the communities they serve, today announced 2020 was an unprecedented year of helping NPOs locally pursue their mission during a global pandemic and continue to make impactful social change that has helped several thousands of people in need in Austin, Texas.

Many social programs and services are designed to be delivered face-to-face. However, the impact of the global pandemic has resulted in a fundamental shift in how NPOs work together, increasing remote collaboration to serve their missions. Adding to this the demand for nonprofit services has risen exponentially, impacting many NPO’s abilities to deliver much-needed services. Those NPOs utilizing Social Solutions software technology and data insights were able to continue to collaborate and operate successfully, provide the services to people in need and gain valuable insight as to how they are impacting the community.

“We are committed to empowering NPOs to accelerate lasting social change and are working harder than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic strains resources​,” said Erin Mulligan Nelson, CEO at Social Solutions. “The pandemic has been particularly challenging for human and health organizations who struggle to meet the steep and steady rise in demand for case management. Collectively we are enabling them to help more people and find new ways to collaborate. We are dedicated to their success and committed to providing access to technology and data insights that fundamentally help the people our customers serve during this challenging time.”

Technology and Data Insights Improve NPO Efficiencies and Fuel Measurable Outcomes

Organizations across the NPO and public sectors have leveraged Social Solutions’ data and technology to advance their missions and continue to serve and improve the lives of the people they serve without interruption. Apricot Connect allows for the beneficiaries of nonprofit programs to connect with social good organizations from anywhere, request services and communicate without leaving the safety of their homes. Recognizing that the need for virtual connection will remain for vulnerable populations, Social Solutions is expanding its solution functionality with the release of a new capability designed to allow nonprofits and the people they serve to virtually schedule appointments, sync calendars, and integrate video services such as Zoom, Teams, and Go to Meeting. These capabilities will help social good organizations maintain the human element of interacting with their clients even if they are unable to do so in person.

  • Wonder & Worries, an organization based in Austin that is committed to providing the services and support to help children and teenagers reach their full potential while adjusting to a parent’s serious illness, is one such organization. The families they work with have parents that are at risk of being immunization suppressed, so it was important to be extra cautious during the pandemic. The NPO leveraged Social Solutions technology to seamlessly shift direct support for these families to a virtual format and are able to provide the same level of service that was previously provided in-person. According to Crystal Wilkins, Program Director of Operations at Wonders & Worries “We couldn’t have shifted to a virtual support program as quickly or efficiently without Social Solutions’ Apricot Connect. We have been able to continually communicate with our clients even when we can’t see them in person, which has been huge for us.” Additionally, technology has enabled the organization to send messages to clients and gather feedback on their services. “We’ve had a great response from the families we serve and can share this feedback directly with our donors and supporters and keep them engaged and aware of the impact their contributions are having directly on families.”
  • Family Eldercare provides essential services to protect, care for, and maintain connection among older adults, veterans, adults with disabilities, and their caregivers. The NPO leverages Social Solutions’ technology software to support better internal collaboration that has allowed the organization to deliver and expand its service offerings. “Social Solutions enabled our frontline workers to easily and securely access data while working remotely, allowing them to continue serving people who are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus,” said Shontell Gauthier, Money Management Director, Family Eldercare. “Our organization is growing fast and since deploying the software we can better track interactions and quickly make the necessary adjustments to improve our service delivery.”
  • Foundation Communities provides affordable housing and on-site support services for thousands of families with young children, as well as veterans, seniors, and individuals with disabilities across Austin and Northern Texas communities. “Using the technology and data insights provided by Social Solutions has eliminated internal overlap and given us the necessary insight into how our organization is impacting not only the people we serve but the city as a whole,” said Sierra Randall, Manager of Grants and Data Administration, Foundation Communities.

About Social Solutions Global

Social Solutions is the leading provider of cloud software for nonprofit and public sector social service organizations. Our software offers clients the most comprehensive and secure platform available, including case management, participant connection, data insights, outcome analytics and funder enablement solutions. The company was founded 20 years ago by social workers who saw the potential of technology to improve outcomes and help accelerate lasting social change in the communities they serve. To date, 76,000 users have adopted the Social Solutions platforms to improve their data by measuring and optimizing outcomes. For more information, please visit our website,, or follow us on Twitter: @SocialSolutions.

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