How to Talk About Legacy Giving…Without Seeming Creepy

How challenging is it to live under the yoke of having to raise your entire budget – every single year – starting from scratch? Time to do something about it! Legacy giving programs often never get off the ground because people think talking about death is creepy. Yet right now people are questioning the meaning of life, and their own mortality, in a way that’s unprecedented. People are wondering: What will their legacy be? Just possibly they may wish part of their legacy to be supporting the causes they cared about during their lifetime. It’s not going to happen though, unless you begin the conversation.

Maybe you, or your board, feel that discussing this with stakeholders during a pandemic is a “no-no.” You wouldn’t be alone. But would you be doing your best for your organization or your donors? According to Claire, putting legacy giving discussions on hold would not only be a bad idea, but  contrary to providing the stewardship your donors are seeking. During this pandemic, a discussion is a must- but there is definitely a right and wrong way in which to have it.

Claire Axelrad, will explore this seemingly complex topic, live and online, at the upcoming Virtual Summit for Nonprofit Changemakers. She is one of more than 20 of the featured speakers at the summit, which will be held March 23,24, and 25, 2021. You can learn more here.

Session take-aways:

  • How to persuade ‘powers that be’ you should actively promote legacy giving, even (especially) now.
  • Why legacy giving is not just for rich people.
  • How to uncomplicate legacy giving – for you and your donors.
  • How to measure success.
  • Simple legacy giving strategies any nonprofit can adopt right away.


Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE is a fundraising visionary with 30 years of frontline development work helping organizations raise millions in support. Her award-winning blog showcases her practical approach, which earned her the AFP “Outstanding Fundraising Professional of the Year” award. Claire is the principal and founder of Clairification, teaches the CFRE course that certifies professional fundraisers, and is a regular contributor to Bloomerang, Candid/Guidestar, NonProfit PRO, and Network for Good.

Lean on Claire’s expertise, wisdom and hands-on coaching to get ‘clairity’ on your challenges, set priorities, take control and find the path forward. And don’t forget to enroll in Claire’s online, ongoing “Clairification School” – it’s the best bargain in fundraising!


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