DonorPerfect Announces Fundraising Benchmarks Report

DonorPerfect, a division of SofterWare, Inc., and a fundraising success platform for nonprofits, has announced a new industry report. With a focus on small nonprofit organizations, The “DonorPerfect Fundraising Benchmarks Report” provides fundraising data from billions of dollars in donations.

“The vast majority of nonprofits in North America are very small, with under $1 million in donations,” Doug Schoenberg, SofterWare CEO said in the press release. “We wanted to create a giving index that was more relevant and useful to smaller nonprofits so they could more effectively benchmark their performance against organizations like theirs. This approach is critical as our initial benchmark data shows substantial performance differences by organization size.”

The debut “Fundraising Benchmarks Report” reveals the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the third quarter, with the smallest nonprofits experiencing the steepest decline in fundraising growth. In addition to organization size, the report provides fundraising growth by sector, detailing how the focus of donors has shifted to nonprofit organizations whose missions align with providing relief related to COVID-19.

Future editions of this report will offer additional benchmarks and insights. “The DonorPerfect Fundraising Benchmarks Report is the first step in our efforts to use the vast amount of data managed within DonorPerfect fundraising software to help small nonprofits grow and raise more money,” Schoenberg explained. “In future reports, we plan to delve into drivers of fundraising growth such as donor retention, new donor acquisition and amounts raised per donor.”

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, DonorPerfect expects the “DonorPerfect Fundraising Benchmarks Report” to continuously evolve by identifying best practices and techniques that drive the growth of small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations. DonorPerfect looks forward to continuing in its partnership with nonprofit professionals around the globe by sharing data and insights that support fundraising success.

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