sgENGAGE Podcast Ep 174: End-of-Year Fundraising Myths

End-of-year fundraising is always important, and this year it has added importance with organizations needing to make up potential COVID-19 related shortfalls.

In today’s episode, Michael Johnston, founder of digital fundraising agency hjc, discusses some of the things that you should be thinking about when it comes to end-of-year giving and busts some common end-of-year fundraising myths.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Why this year is the most important year for end-of-year fundraising
  • What’s great about December donors
  • What you can find in the End-of-Year Fundraising Toolkit
  • How to make a holiday persona
  • Mapping out the holiday journey
  • The myth that holiday giving is only from October to December
  • How end-of-year fundraising spans the wide spectrum of society
  • Bringing different fundraising channels together
  • Last-minute giving

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Michael Johnston

End-of-Year Fundraising Toolkit

Last Minute Tips for Year-End Giving


“You might want to make a holiday persona or two.”

“Don’t be afraid to make direct references, but still respect all religions and secular celebrations.”

“People hold off on their giving until the last minute.”

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