3 Quick and Easy Ways to Connect with Donors at End of Year During COVID-19

It’s December! This is the single. solitary month representing a very significant percentage of many nonprofit’s donations. So, how can you stay “Top of Mind” with your donors, especially with the social distancing required to keep us all safe while we continue to struggle with COVID-19?

In my line of work, I get to talk to a lot of fundraising and nonprofit experts. Throughout this pandemic, there have been some suggestions that they have shared with me and their clients. I’m summarizing three of them in this quick 2 minute video…but you can get more information in the links further down the page!

STAY IN TOUCH! That is the general advice I’ve heard from every expert. We are now nine months into this pandemic, so I really hope you haven’t waited for this newsflash to get you moving in that direction. But, even if you are…now is better than never. And doing so in December may be just the best time, considering the large percentage of gifts that are donated in this month alone.

Recently, I interviewed Claire Axelrad. Claire has worked in the nonprofit space for 4 decades. Claire is a pro at this and launched her own education and coaching services about 10 years ago. Her blog, is a very valuable resource I look to frequently. In this episode, Claire reflects on both the good and bad and she has seen during this particular time of crisis. They may surprise you.

Learn what can you start doing today to help improve your organization’s bottom line!

I would also suggest you watch our Nonprofit Changemakers’ keynote speaker, Kristal M. Johnson, present her top 5 ways to connect and communicate with donors on a deeper level in order to strengthen those crucial relationships.

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