Why Social-Emotional Learning Matters Now More Than Ever: A Conversation with Partnership with Children

Educators across the country use social-emotional learning (SEL) standards to prepare students for success in both school and life. And in a year like 2020, with a deadly pandemic, widespread protests against racial injustice and police brutality, a polarizing election, and destructive natural disasters, students everywhere are dealing with heightened levels of anxiety, trauma and stress.

Organizations like Partnership with Children (PWC) have been leaders in supporting students through SEL services and interventions for New York’s most under-served communities. Even in an extraordinarily challenging time, PWC is using a mix of creativity and data to support students when SEL matters more than ever.

PWC has faced the uncertainty and distress their students are feeling. Using data to assess challenges, learn and make strategic decisions, they have found new and innovative ways to respond to student needs. There is a strong recognition within PWC that staff members are experiencing the same world students are navigating. By using data to illuminate issues and create a culture of continuous improvement, PWC can prioritize staff reflection and ongoing learning.

Still, if you ask Tre Wells, Data and Evaluation Manager, and Angela Jefferson, VP of Programs at PWC, they’ll humbly tell you that they don’t have all the answers, and they’re still learning themselves.

We recently recorded a webinar discussion with PWC, where we discussed the critical importance of SEL for student well-being during these uncertain times and how the organization’s partnership with Social Solutions has empowered them to stay nimble and adapt to today’s unusual learning environment.

To learn more about how PWC is using data and creativity to fuel SEL and how Social Solutions supports the organization’s strategy, watch our webinar replay today.

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