A Monthly Giving How-To: Visualize Your Goal

The following post was written by Erica Waasdorp for NonprofitPro and is being shared below, with her permission.

Last week, I presented a webinar as part of the two-day virtual summit, Nonprofit Changemakers, organized by Top Nonprofits. Afterward, I received the terrific visual (above) of the presentation. The artist really picked up the highlights of my message, and she did it live.

One of the questions I always start with is how many monthly donors organizations have now. Then closer to the end, I ask them to write down their goals. Just like there’s something magical about using matches in your fundraising, there’s also something magical about writing down your goals.

Typically, you’ll reach your goals, but you must write them down. 

Goals for monthly giving don’t have to be very lofty, but they must, of course, be higher than what you have now. So if you have 10 monthly donors, let’s write down that you want to double them. If you have 50 monthly donors, let’s write down that you’d like to double them, and so on and so forth.

That’s how you grow. Maybe this sounds simplistic, but the reality is that those organizations that write down their goals typically reach it. They’ll work toward it, consciously, and sometimes even subconsciously. So if you’ve not yet already, take a minute, think about your goal for the end of the fiscal year. Write it down, and stick it on your bulletin board, your computer, wherever you keep your goals. Then by the end of your fiscal year, let me know how you did.

I dare you! What’s your goal for this year when it comes to your monthly donors?

P.S. I’m organizing the first virtual sustainer workshop from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST on September 29 and 30, so if you’d like a deep dive and find out ways to address all five life stages of monthly donors, you can find out more information right here. 

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