Is Your Technology Serving Your Mission? A Case Management Framework

There’s a good chance your human services organization manages services, participant data, funding, reporting, and so much more today with a collection of technology systems. And while technology has revolutionized the work that so many sectors do – social good included – dated or insufficient systems hold many organizations back from their mission instead of pushing them forward. 

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to look at your tech stack and evaluate if it is serving your staff, mission and participants. Software is vital for nonprofits, and finding the right combination of systems can be complex, time-consuming and straight-up exhausting – which is exactly why we’re here to help you break it down. 

Knowledge is Power

Many organizations have added, removed and altered systems throughout the years, creating a convoluted stack of technology. If this is the case at your organization, it’s okay and actually pretty common – but likely starting to slow you and everyone else involved down.

It can be overwhelming to examine the technology you have in place, especially if it’s been the status quo for years on end. To help you get started, we created this Technology Evaluation Worksheet for a step-by-step framework to layout programs and identify if they are helping you or holding you back from driving the most impact.

You will need to identify and explore your tech stack in its entirety. What systems do you or have you used in the past? What programs are associated with those systems? What capabilities are dated and which are missing? How much time is spent working within these systems?

Tools to Fulfill Your Mission

Technology should make your job easier and more effective. Your systems should scale with you as you continue to grow and demands increase. And perhaps, most importantly, your technology should support your mission and those you serve. If it isn’t, it is time for you to evaluate your technology and invest in systems that do.

Just think of how much more impact you could drive if your technology worked for you rather than slowed you down.

Download the framework and watch the webinar to start evaluating your current technology today.

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