Go Modern with iDonate: Improve the Digital Giving Experience for Donors with Integrated Solutions

Giving to those around us and the world at large is an essential part of the human experience. This desire to create positive change by sharing our time, talent and treasure with the world is nothing new. The recent period of challenge and upheaval that has come as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and other disasters like the wildfires on the west coast and the hurricanes in the Gulf has made it clear that people need help in more ways and more quickly than any time in recent history.


Modern times and modern technology mean we have the tools to address these deep and wide-ranging needs more effectively than ever before. By helping the nonprofits that are dedicated to solving societal problems adopt comprehensive giving solutions, we can help tap into the innate generosity of people and exponentially expand both the amount of giving that happens and the impact that it has. This is our highest calling – to truly shoulder the burdens of those in need, and we’re lucky to be able to use technology to make that lift lighter for everyone.


“Integrated solutions” may sound like a technical term, but they are the greatest benefit to philanthropy in the modern world – a true way for nonprofits to look beyond the problem at hand and offer their supporters a network of interconnected and deeply rewarding opportunities to engage with the organization’s mission and support their work. Digital giving that addresses the way contemporary donors live, work and give is the best way to bring timeless generosity into our current and ever-changing reality.


Enabling donors to become engaged, invested and frequent givers by offering them opportunities for generosity that fit their lifestyle, capacity and need for connection is where it all starts. It’s about much more than just taking donations – nonprofits must help their donors see their giving as something easy, impactful and important. Using modern and integrated digital giving solutions makes this easier than ever. Putting the focus on the experience of those donors who enable an organization to fulfill its mission helps ensure that more good gets done in the world – today, tomorrow and far into the future.


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