How Case Management Technology Can Remove Barriers for Students

“Everything we do focuses on two things: building relationships and removing students’ barriers to success.”
Lauren Sly, Vice President of Programs, Communities in SchoolsGreater Tarrant County 

Communities In Schools (CIS) – Greater Tarrant County is responsible for a large student caseload: more than 4,200 cases a year, with more than 7,000 services logged each month. As you can imagine, with that busy caseload comes a lot of data that needs to be routinely collected, stored, and reported on throughout the year.

For CIS – Greater Tarrant County, managing data and reporting was incredibly time-consuming and, in years past, took a team of eight people using paper-based methods and manually entering data into systems for reporting requirements. Despite the team’s hard work to capture, track, and store data, the manual approach left them continually playing catch-up and logging hours upon hours to keep things moving.

Lauren Sly, Vice President of Programs at CIS – Greater Tarrant County, knew her team needed a different solution for their data management challenges. As part of an ongoing data maturity journey, in 2019, CIS – Greater Tarrant County implemented Apricot 360, a case management solution from Social Solutions.

The difference since then? Night and day. 

Social Solutions’ Apricot 360 case management technology was built to advance human service organizations’ approach to data and reporting while enhancing productivity and supporting the realization of outcomes. For CIS – Greater Tarrant County, it did just that.

Since adopting Apricot 360, the software has helped CIS manage its data collection and reporting by moving everything into a digital environment. Doing this enabled the team to spend less time and effort collecting, uploading and filing data, so now the team is consistently on or ahead of its reporting schedule.

Because staff have begun eliminating barriers standing in the way of achieving efficient data management, CIS – Greater Tarrant County can spend more time and resources breaking down barriers that stand in the way of student success.

How much better could your outcomes be if you were able to spend less time managing your data and had more time in your community?

Check out the full case study to explore CIS – Greater Tarrant County’s impact story and see how Apricot 360 can help support your nonprofit data maturity journey.  

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