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No doubt you’ve read the news about MIT and Harvard knowingly excepting donations from a monster called Jeffrey Epstein. Both universities accepted money after knowing about his sex crime convictions.

Knowingly accepting even a single penny from this monster is essentially saying “convicted sexual predators are bad, but not that bad.”

Let me say that again: “convicted sexual predators are bad, but not that bad.”

MIT thought they could simply hide the money by making the donor anonymous.

They were utterly blinded by the dollar signs in their eyes.

But this is the age of social media and whistleblowers.

And this is also the age of #metoo.

A failure of leadership

When these disgusting contributions were finally exposed to the public, both organizations failed to take immediate responsibility.

Their only move was to quickly donate ALL THE MONEY received from Epstein to organizations that prevent sex trafficking and help sexual abuse victims. But they failed to do just that.

After a backlash, MIT finally agreed to contribute all the money received from Epstein to “an appropriate charity that benefits his victims or other victims of sexual abuse.”

But, Harvard claimed it only has $186,000 left of the money received from Epstein ($9 million). And they promised to donate what’s left to nonprofits working to help victims of human trafficking. Are you effing kidding me? Give ALL THE MONEY, Harvard!

Turning poisonous money into medicine

All of the Epstein money is poison. Harvard can only turn it into medicine when they give ALL THE MONEY to organizations working to protect sex crime victims and help them heal.

But even if they do this, a cancer still exists in the organization. And it must be surgically removed. Resignations are their only next move. Same goes for MIT.

Key lessons to take away?

  • If you discover that a donor is an immoral beast with criminal convictions, go public immediately with this news. Donate all the money to do good. And fire whoever accepted these donations while knowing about the donor’s history. This is your only move.
  • The true nature of an organization’s leadership – the lack of morals and ethics – will always come to light.
  • No PR strategy on the planet can put lipstick on an organization with immoral leadership. It’s completely impossible.
  • Donors must be vetted. Do a Google search, do a background check!
  • There’s a 100% chance that knowingly accepting money from monsters like Epstein will ruin your organization. Don’t do it.

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